Top 5 ½ Reasons to be a Scare Actor at Terror in the Corn

1. FUN: Serious fun… imagine the screams and reactions you’ll get from people as they nervously shuffle closer to you… closer…. closer… then BAM! You get that scare!

2. STRESS RELIEF: What better way to unleash the built-up stress of the day than by scaring someone… even lots of someones? Stomp, growl, grunt, yell, and release that frustration. There's no other job where "angry resting face" is welcomed.

3. GREAT EXERCISE: 4 out of 5 doctors recommend scare acting as great cardio!!  The fast paced, high energy environment of a haunted attraction is sure to keep you on your toes. Calories begone!!

4. RESPECT: Adding "Professional Zombie/Clown/Ghoul" to your resume will certainly make you stand out on LinkedIn!

5. PAID: You read that right… GET PAID to have fun, relieve stress, exercise, and earn that respect you so richly deserve! And sure, it’s a job, but no job will feel like work if you're enjoying yourself. And let's be real here...who doesn't want to celebrate Halloween all season long?

5 ½. YOU’LL BE... (to find out more, book and attend your casting call interview now!!!)


No Experience Required!


Applications for Terror in the Corn will open late July 2021! Please check back for more information.

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